Wedding Night

We finally made our wedding eve and night accommodations. After debating long and hard, we went with the one place we have been dying to stay since we landed on this rock.... the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Also known as the "Pink Palace of the Pacific". It's an amazing resort that has some serious history. And the fact that my poppy has stayed in the hotel after WWII, it makes it even more special to me...

(source: Starwood Hotels-Royal Hawaiian)

NEW Bridesmaid Gowns

Amy, Kim, and Courtney joined me at David's Bridal while we were home in PA. Unexpectedly, all three of them chose the same dress. I had originally planned for them all to wear something different, but this dress looked amazing on all of their body types. The pictures below are the actual dress (but theirs will be in Watermelon)...

It's flattering, its lightweight, has optional straps, and the best part... my girls get POCKETS!

My makeup artist asked that I send her ideas for my hair/makup. I know I've posted some hair photos, but now I'll post some makeup pics. I want to keep it mostly natural and sunkissed, with most of the attention on my eyes. I really like the way that Hayden Panettiere has done her makeup. Here's a few of her looks:


Scratch That.

So instead of doing the super tropical look, I've decided that I really want to illuminate the tables. Yesterday, while browsing theknot.com, I ran across a bride's website, with pictures from her recent wedding. In the center of the table, she had a beautiful white lantern , surrounded by more candles and flowers. It looked beautiful, especially at night. See for yourself:

(Source: www.ashandbrandon.com)

So I went ahead and ordered the lanterns today. Ed, my mom, and I immediately fell in love with them. I'll figure out what to do next once we get them...

Beautiful Ladies

Over the past week or so, I've been in touch with a potential makeup artist for the wedding. Jessica Hoffman is a friend of my friend/coworker/model/socialite, Brigitte Patton. She normally doesn't book weddings, but instead, she works with models/actors for magazines, fashion shows, etc. She's worked with models from the top model firms, Daniel Dae Kim & Naveen Andrews (Lost) and recently, Dr. Dre & Eminem (source: Ms. Patton). Jessica herself has also been featured in Modern Luxury Hawaii magazine.

I'm really excited and am very lucky to get a chance to work with her. She is someone I know is good at what she does! If you're interested in checking out her work, please visit: http://makeupmemoirs.blogspot.com/.

Source: http://www.jessicahoffman.net/


Kane (Men)

Again, to keep the Hawaiian/casual theme... we'd like to put the men in some aloha wear. Hawaiian Moon has reasonably-priced shirts that both the groomsmen, and the ringbearer could wear for the ceremony. We'd finish off the outfit with khakis and slipahs (aka... flipflops). Below is the shirt that I like best. The color isn't bold, yet, it still screams "ALOHA!" haha.

(source: http://www.hawaiianmoon.com/)


The Groom

Don't worry, I didn't forget Edwin! Since we're going to keep everyone slightly casual, we were thinking that'd we'd dress him in traditional Wedding Alohawear. Below are some ideas for his attire- keep in mind that he will have the final say!



Of course, no Hawaiian wedding would be complete without the traditional "Lei Exchange". Below are the leis that we want to get for me and Ed...

The groomsmen in the party will also be getting leis, which will be more simple. And our parents will also get leis during the ceremony... yet to be determined.

Wedding cupCAKE

Since we're having a smaller wedding, we decided to skip the cake. We plan to order a cupcake tier from the Hokulani Bake Shop in Honolulu. Ed and I stopped by one day for a taste, and OMG- they are delicious! Below is an example of a cupcake tier from the shop (keep in mind, we won't be getting these color cupcakes):

And what wedding cake would be complete without the cake topper? Again, thanks to Etsy.com, I found these amazing toppers that we can customize based on our features and our wedding day attire!

(Courtesy of
dandelionland on Etsy.com)



For something that dies in a matter of days, flowers can be so expensive! I've started looking into fake bouquets online. Etsy.com has become my new best friend. Below are some bouquets I thought might look nice against our pink dresses, and personally, I don't think they look fake.

The first is an example of a bouquet for me (minus the blue flowers, sub small white ones) and the second, for my ladies. Thoughts?

(courtesy of jdleggans on etsy.com)